In our job, innovation and the recycling of teaching techniques is vital. Nowadays students learn very fast, and they have access to a lot of different resources and new technologies.

Our experience in the We Bridge international has been a personal and professional boost to keep on teaching at our maximun level.

The We Bridge international is a private English centre, in Cardiff city, the capital of Wales. They belong to the British Council Centre, and they are also part of the Trinity Centre of London. We were received by Georgetta, the Director of studies, who showed us the modern installations of the centre and introduced us to all of the teachers and people that work with them. 

Phill, the Director of the centre was also very kind and explained us about how they organize the classes, sessions and spaces.

We could have access to all the classes, where we took a good look and even collaborate with the different students and levels in the centre. In the We Bridge International they have students from a lot of different countries, specially from Asia. The system they use is the same as in our centre, the Cambridge system. They work from the basics ( people who only speak in their mother tongue), to the highest English levels as the C2.

In the classes they follow a book, but there is room to the improvisation if the teacher considers to focus on one topic. The use of new technologies is very important and the use of different techniques and materials reinforces the teaching and learning process.

In conclusion, our week at the We Bridge international was a powerful experience of motivation, but also a new view of education that provided us with new ideas, methods and materials.

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